Holography & Holographic Data Storage

The World is 3-D, Let’s record it that Way.


Narendra Modi’s 3-D Holographic Rallies and Michael Jackson’s 3-D Holographic Dance at a Music Award intrigued us to take up Hologrphy in our SIG Meet on 17th January,2015.







From Bricks To Building –  Fundamental Concepts , Novel Technologies

  • The idea is to showcase like almost all other technologies, very fundamental principles like Interference, Diffraction in optics give us wonderful technologies and products like high storage Holographic Versatile Disc (Upto 4 TB storage space and data transfer rates of 1.0 Gbits/sec).
Interference & Diffraction : Young’s Double Slit Experiment
  • The basic principle of Hologram Creation, Recording and Resurrection were discussed with visuals.

  • Then the Digital Holographic Data Storage was schematically taken up.

The Presentation with schematics, Illustrations can be found here : Link to the Presentation

Post Presentation Discussion matter :

  • HVD (Holographic Versatile Discs), big brother of Blue-ray DVDs inspite of being developed as long as from 2008, never catched up. Companies like In-Phase Technologies, US solely dedicated to HVDs went bankrupt around 2010. There was no one interested in storage discs anymore, pen drives, cloud storage started picking up. Isn’t this a demotivating story as far as taking up Technological Entrepreneurship (Tech-E) is concerned ? Isn’t Tech-E too risky a business ?

— The conclusion to above discussion, firstly from financial point of view, Tech-E Startups are funded accompanied with very nice exit policies. Secondly the research taken up never goes waste. Holography is finding applications in places like defence secret storage because of it’s highly cryptographically strong storage principles, holographic microscopy and yes the digital Image/Video Resurrection. The people involved in such startups are happy to innovate at new places in related applications.

Prof. Joby Joseph, who after leaving a US Company dedicated to HVDs, is leading a spearhead research in fields of Photonic Crystals, High Density Holographic Data Storage, Interference Lithography etc at IIT Delhi. Link : http://web.iitd.ac.in/~joby/., and has numerous patents at his name.

  • Second Thing we collectively realized was, We have almost lost a huge field : Optics, that we studied and loved during our + 2 . in Engineering there are almost no courses towards it and hardly few electives, say Optical Fibres that one can opt. So in sync with one of the motives of SIG – Getting Introduced to different possible fields where we can work, we concluded the session. And Yes obvious to mention, the meet was followed by a Tea Party. 🙂





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